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Automatic EEG-analysis for clinical applications

In times of tight budgets and increasing patient load automatic assistance in EEG diagnostics becomes increasingly important. Removing artifacts, finding spikes in your epilepsy patients, detecting seizures during long term monitoring, all these tasks need to be done fast, efficiently and reliably.

Encevis can help you with these demanding tasks. Get an artifact free EEG, get a pre-selection of important spikes and seizures – all within minutes after you finished recording.

Computer based EEG analysis has come a long way. Don’t worry about complicated software packages designed for research projects only. We developed solutions that are easy to use for everybody, fast and reliable.

We invite you to share our vision: make EEG diagnostics more efficient and treat patients even better. Integrated in the EEG-systems of all major manufacturers our solutions will significantly improve patient safety, EEG diagnostics as well as your every day work with the EEG.

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